Of Eating Grapes and Galloping in Wide Open Spaces

Whenever I see a field I feel the urge to be a horse and gallop thundering through the wide open spaces. The same kind of urge possesses me when I think of the new year. It feels like I am a horse in Wyoming and I salivate at the site of being able to run free through its open, arid, beautiful landscape.

Growing up eating grapes and Macintosh apples was a Christmas season treat. My mother and I would shop for them out on the busy downtown streets. I loved eating 12 grapes on New Years eve and making a list of new year’s resolutions like someone who writes a shopping list. 

Back to galloping. Nowadays, when I think of the prospect of a new year, I am like a horse facing that Wyoming prairie. My mind races with all the resolutions, intentions, promises of new better beginnings.

I will exercise more

I will eat better

I will run more

I will read more

Become a morning person! (Haha!, but I really wish I could.)

I will cook more

make a meal plan

I will pray more

Campaigners bible study?

Spend frugally

Budget (as a verb)

Organize and watermark my photos


Farmers market vendor this year?

The list goes on and on…

I realize that it is unrealistic and I kind of like it that way for two reasons. It’s as big as Wyoming and I will never run out of “space” or goals and because they are undefined I cannot really fail . Since I “shot for the moon, even if I miss I will land on the stars”.

The rational part of my brain (it doesn’t get a lot of use) knows that my new resolutions and goals need to be attainable. There needs to be a plan in place. John Piper makes a good argument for it here A New Years Plea:Plan!  But the best advice I ever heard, rather, I recently read, was in Jennifer Slattery Lives Out Loud  blog. In it Donna Jones shares “How to Make Room for the New Stuff God has in Store for You.” In order to grasp something new we must let go of the old. This really resonated with me. Let go of selfishness and embrace love. Let go of *you name it* and then  you will be able to focus on whatever God has prepared for you. This list is infinite.

So tonight we say goodbye to 2018, I am so very grateful for the fields of 2018 I was able to trot through. Now,  I face my metaphorical Wyoming and prep to gallop through it, full force leaving all old things behind in the dust of my hooves. 

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