I spend quite a bit of my work time thinking of what I will do once I get home. Read a book, start my sewing project, cook dinner, paint, nap…there are so many options. Once I get home, however, not much gets accomplished. I should have been born a fairy tale princess. That way I would have all the time in the world to do whatever I want when I want. There never seems to be enough time to do those things I WANT to do.

I have always had a bad relationship with time. Specifically schedules. This is compounded by the fact that I am from a country whose people stretch every minute as far as they please. We move at a slower pace, with no concern or regard to what a clock or an invitation, or appointment, might say. (You can think what you like, but it is not out of rudeness that we behave like that.) Why should we be enslaved by two little hands in perpetual motion? I feel so constricted by schedules. And I find it very hard to arrive anywhere on time. After all, my father was 45 minutes late to my wedding- mind you the ceremony couldn’t start without him to walk me down the aisle. Where was he? What emergency had arisen? Oh, nothing as such. He was late because he had to see to some farm chores. And so it goes…

I read about blocking your time ( http://How to Time Block ) to become more efficient with your days. Instead of setting a schedule by the hour, you set it by tasks. So I sat down with a planner on hand and a list of my must-dos and a list of my wanna-dos. So far, I have discovered that there is reason for my frustration. I work for seven hours a day, plus 15 minutes of my short commute and 1 hour to get ready in the morning. ( I am not a morning person.) This leaves me with roughly 4 and a half hours of “free” time. So in reality there is not a lot of time for singing with birds in the woods, or sewing for mice. Which brings me to the second realization. I must prioritize in order to maximize the time. Prioritizing is not a strength of mine, either. I like to do things spontaneously.

Solution? Don’t have one yet. It’s a work in progress. But it does bring some things to mind. Schedules and time are not all bad. They are there to keep the universe from imploding. Without schedules and time everything would happen at once or not at all. The Bible says, “Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.” Psalm 90:12. I have much to learn, much to number, much wisdom to acquire. Until I get to Eternity, where I presume there are no clocks, I must remember “My times are in your hands” Psalm 31:15

2 thoughts on “Tic-Toc

  1. We have a commonality regarding time and prioritizing! I feel my days would run more smoothly if I gave more consideration to this. 😣
    Please keep writing… you are interesting, amusing, and honest!

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